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❇️ Information about the token

PolkaBridge will conduct the next ones launchpad IDO offering in the coming week. We are trying a new concept by not announcing the name of the project beforehand. However, this DeFi projects have been picked out after careful deliberation and will surely provide our community members with a rewarding investment opportunity.

Unlike the first launchpad IDO offering of Beyond Finance, this next ones will have both public and private pools, allowing everyone to take part in the opportunity.

The public pools will not have the mandatory requirement of holding PBR tokens, as a prerequisite for participation. …

The PolkaBridge team is proud to announce the completion of all aims and objectives, which we set out to achieve in the first quarter Q1 of the year 2021. This is a moment of immense pride for us, as we were able to keep our promises with the community. We are certain that the future aspects of our roadmap will continue to get delivered too, in this manner. Let’s look at some of the things that we introduced in Q1 2021.

Deflationary Farming & New Smart Contract

The Q1 2021 saw the introduction of our long awaited and widely anticipated…

Video tutorial https://youtu.be/xBnpTe1qdAc

Final Checks Before We Are Go for Launch!

PolkaBridge deflationary farming is expected to go live imminently and we are running final checks, before we truly blast off into the stratosphere! We are certain that you understand the concept of deflationary farming by now and if you haven’t read this article, please feel free to do so.

PART 1. Introduction of PolkaBridge project and community questions.

This is a recap of the ask me anything (AMA) session held at tehMoonwalkeR — a vibrant crypto community for PolkaBridge on May 04 at 10:00 PM UTC. PolkaBridge is the first decentralized bridge between the Polkadot platform and other blockchains. It features or plans to feature deflationary farming, launchpad, NFT marketplace, cross-chain DEX, lending and predictions platform etc.

Attending the AMA are the representatives of the project:

Cyclese — @cyclese_polkabridge — Co-Founder of Polkabridge.

From tehMoonwalkeR, we are hosted by:

Holliday — @CaliRanchCrypto — Moderator, tehMoonwalkeR

Cyclese | CEO &…

This is a recap of the ask me anything (AMA) session held between the PolkaBridge and DragonBite team on March 27 at 02:00 PM UTC. DragonBite is a truly open decentralised Asset Management platform for customers to store and swap all kinds of digital assets in One App with one password!

The reward pool is 500$

Leading the AMA are the representatives of the project:

Cyclese — @cyclese_polkabridge — Co-Founder of Polkabridge.

Zeph Williams — @zephwilliams — Co-founder of PolkaBridge, also the UX/UI Designer

From DragonBite, we would like to welcome:

Elvan Yau — @DB_Elvan — Chief Operating Officer DragonBite

Date :- 28 April , 2021 At 2pm UTC
Hosted by : Jannat
Speaker : Polkabridge team

Good evening everyone, I am pleasured to have Polkabridge team to join our AMA today.

Hello sir so nice to have you with us today

Cyclese | CEO & Co-Founder PolkaBridge (Never DM First):
yes i’m very happy when join AMA with Crypto Royals community today

Introduction Questions :-

Q1. Can you please introduce yourself as well as Polkabridge

I’m Cyclese, from Singapore. I graduated from NUS with a fee bachelor’s degree in computer science.

Before I created PolkaBridge, I was a web and mobile…

This is a recap of the ask me anything (AMA) session held between the PolkaBridge and Minted Lab community on April 24th at 07:00 AM UTC.

Q1. I saw your roadmap and that showed me PolkaBridge plans to migrate to parachain in q2. Is this project also a candidate for Polkadot or Kusama parachain auction? And for you launchpad, there are a lot of launchpad platforms in crypto nowadays, what is your launchpad’s advantage in comparison to others?

It’s excited question.

Yes, we will migrate to Polkadot ecosystem in Q2, but it’s not via parachain auction.

We don’t aim to…

We are proud to announce that Beyond Finance has completed the first IDO on PolkaBridge successfully on April 13 after releasing new contract. The fundraising target was met in the exclusive private pool and the BYN tokens have already been distributed to the participant’s wallets. This is a historic milestone for us, as we look forward to providing many such early stage investment opportunities to our PBR token holders and the PolkaBridge community.

As per Beyond Finance requirements, 30.000 BYN tokens were offered for sale to 500 whitelisted addresses at a rate of $0.5/BYN. Each address was limited to $100…

PolkaBridge is proud to announce that the long awaited Initial Decentralized Offering (IDO) Launchpad platform will be available from April 12 onwards. This marks an important evolution in the PolkaBridge project, which is all set to diversify into different DeFi functions. So far, the protocol has introduced the staking pools, deflationary farming and a new smart contract.

Now, we are all set to introduce the IDOLaunchpad! It will allow PBR token holders to participate in interesting concepts and high yielding crypto-projects in the early stage. …


The first decentralized bridge between Polkadot platform and other blockchains

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