CORGIB Airdrop For PolkaBridge Token Holders

Onboarding Checklist — Steps To Participate

  1. Hold PBR tokens or Stake through the official portal here. The method for staking is described here.
  2. Minimum 1000 PBR tokens should be held or staked. No max limit.
  3. Fill out this form here
  4. If you are holding or staking 1000 PBR tokens, you will get 100,000 CORGIB tokens. The ratio is 1:100,000
  5. To calculate your reward. Just multiply the number of staked PBR tokens by 100,000. Example: If you are holding or staking 10,000 PBR tokens. You will receive 10,000 PBRs x 100,000 = 1,000,000,000 CORGIBs.
  6. The form submission deadline or the onboarding process will start from Aug 20 and run until Aug 27.
  7. The snapshot PBR holding or staking will be taken on the 1st day of every month
  8. The actual reward distribution will happen on the 30th / 31st — last day of every month.
  9. The airdrop campaign will run until the token pool allocated for this purpose is depleted, expected~12 months




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