Hold PBR Token And Earn With Incentive Programs

1 — Farm on PolkaBridge Deflationary Farming

  1. Visit the website and connect wallet.

2 — Farm On QuickSwap

  1. Open QuickSwap liquidity addition page here, connect wallet and supply both PBR and USDT after confirming the transaction in the wallet.

3 — Staking On PolkaBridge Staking Platform

  1. Visit the staking portal here and connect your wallet.

4 — Lock & Stake On Gate.io

  1. Visit Gate.io, register or login, move the cursor to the Finance section on the top and click HODL & Earn.

5 — Join IDO Launchpad

  1. Visit PolkaBridge Launchpad portal here and choose your desired IDO pool.

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The first decentralized bridge between Polkadot platform and other blockchains