PolkaBridge 1 Year Anniversary — Achievements & The Way Forward

4 min readJan 1, 2022


It’s PolkaBridge’s 1 year anniversary and we have good reason to celebrate. The multi-chain DeFi suite with Polkadot blockchain at the center was launched at the beginning of this year. Since then, we have launched several products, celebrated many milestones and in the process, found a great organic community.

In just about one year, PolkaBridge launched staking, farming, launchpad, hopped in with our mascot Corgib meme-coin, acquired a Metaverse project PolkaWar and most recently, released the much anticipated multichain AMM type decentralized exchange. Let’s look at some of our milestones and what we are aiming for in 2022!

PolkaBridge Launchpad And Performance

Arguably, the most beneficial PolkaBridge product until now has been the Launchpad itself. Formerly, the opportunity to invest in cutting edge concepts and promising projects at an early stage was only available to a rich few. The Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) changed that and while they had their issues, some of them resulted in insane ROI for the investors and gave birth to great products later.

Lately, we realized that we can offer a better opportunity by using curated Launchpads. These allow crowdfunding while making sure that everybody has fair access to it and the projects are deemed to be worthy. PolkaBridge launched it’s own variant on April 09 and since then, we have offered worthy projects on our platform to aspiring investors in a fair manner, which have done at least 2X and as much as over 80X!

PolkaBridge Staking/Farming Performance and Number Of Users

The staking and farming performance on the PolkaBridge platform have been exemplary as of late, we launched single asset staking with over 50% APY and PBR-ETH farming with over 150% APY! Since the beginning of the project, Etherscan shows that the PBR tokens has climbed up to 13,275 holders, who directly or indirectly use the PolkaBridge platform.

$100,000,000 Market Cap And Kucoin Listing

We started the year with less than <$5 million market cap and over time, sprung ourselves to $100 million market cap and beyond (with an all time high of $142 million, as recorded on CoinGecko on Nov 16! This is a very warming achievement for a project only one year old! Also, we got listed on Kucoin — a tier 1 exchange alongside our presence on decentralzed platforms.

Multi Chain AMM Type Decentralized Exchange Launch

PolkaBridge launched its flagship product multi-chain AMM type decentralized exchange on Nov 16, supporting Ethereum and Binance. We aim to make certain that crypto-assets can be exchanged with each other, in a decentralized and censorship resistant manner. Because we place a lot of emphasis on security, we got an audit done by Certik. It charges 0.2% fees per swap, 80% of which go to the liquidity providers (LPs) and the 20% are collected to buy and burn PBR tokens. The team is working to expand the number of assets available, the block chains supported on the platform and introduce the cross-chain functionality.

What’s Coming In 2022?

And we haven’t stopped aiming for the stars! In the coming year 2022, we are hoping to expand the functionality of our multi chain automated market maker (AMM) type decentralized exchange (DEX). We will start by adding support for more blockchains such as HECO, Solana, Polygon and including cross chain swaps to serve as a liquidity bridge. It means that you will be able to convert your Ethereum USDT to BSC USDT with a few clicks or be able to swap your Polkadot DOT to Ethereum ETH!

Also, as we earlier reported that we are going to offer an Initial NFT Offering (INO) crowdfunding platform, the first of its kind. It will allow individual artists and creative teams to directly offer their NFT’ed masterpieces and limited edition items directly to the public, while avoiding gas wars and hoarding by a few participants. Keep your fingers crossed because it’s coming very soon!

Further, we are aiming for more Tier 1 exchange listings like on Huobi and Binance. This will increase liquidity for the PBR tokens and provide more trading options for our users. Closing this yearly report, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Looking forward to seeing the project develop alongside you, next year!

About PolkaBridge

PolkaBridge is a decentralized all-in-one financial application platform. The PolkaBridge ecosystem is expected to include multi-chain & cross-chain AMM, Farming, Lending, Fundraising platform (Launchpad), Prediction, NFT, and more. All products will be developed with Polkadot in center.

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