PolkaBridge Announces The New Whitelist Rule For Launchpad IDO Offering

2 min readApr 24, 2021

PolkaBridge will conduct the next ones launchpad IDO offering in the coming week. We are trying a new concept by not announcing the name of the project beforehand. However, this DeFi projects have been picked out after careful deliberation and will surely provide our community members with a rewarding investment opportunity.

Unlike the first launchpad IDO offering of Beyond Finance, this next ones will have both public and private pools, allowing everyone to take part in the opportunity.

The public pools will not have the mandatory requirement of holding PBR tokens, as a prerequisite for participation. But they will lower allocation per account limitation, as a result.

Second and the main private pool will have a requirement of holding at least 3000 PBR tokens, as a prerequisite for participation. As a result, they will have higher capital allocation limits also, allowing users to contribute more money per wallet.

Whitelisting Conditions

The users can increase their chances for the whitelist qualification by holding as many PBR tokens as possible for a long period of time. For instance, a wallet holding 10,000 PBR tokens will have a higher probability of being whitelisted than a wallet carrying only 3,000 PBR tokens.

Only the users holding PBR tokens in a self-owned wallet are eligible for qualification. A self owned wallet is the one, for which you own and control the private keys. The PBR token holdings on exchanges won’t qualify and the tokens must be withdrawn to an external wallet. Also, the wallets holding ETH-PBR liquidity pool (LP) tokens aren’t eligible as liquid PBR tokens must be held for qualification.

Launchpad platform https://launchpad.polkabridge.org/

Website http://polkabridge.org/

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