PolkaBridge February 2023 Update

3 min readMar 18, 2023

Another month has passed in the new year 2023 and we have more updates to report! We are finally gearing up for the mainnet launch of the PolkaBridge P2P platform. But before that, we are working hard to glean useful information from the current and final testnet v4, features are being added to it and we are improving it with community’s feedback. We have had Twitter Spaces this month to discuss the same, resumed our multi-chain launchpad, announced the focus on artificial intelligence and much more!

New Tokens Added To Testnet v4

We have added USDT and DAI on the Ethereum blockchain, USDT on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) blockchain for our testnet v4. For testing purposes, we are opening faucets so early users can dispense tokens according to their needs and evaluate the platform. Our testnet runs on the Goerli testnet and these tokens don’t carry a price.

Twitter Space With DApps.co

The PolkaBridge team organized a Twitter Space in partnership with DApp.co to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of having multiple payment modes in crypto on Feb 07. We routinely organize such spaces to discuss these important matters openly and get the community’s opinion on the state of things.

PolkaBridge Testnet v4 — Multi Language Integration

Our Testnet v4 was further enhanced with multi language integration on Feb 08. These include English, Vietnamese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, French, Turkish, Spanish and Portughese with upto 70% accuracy, which will be improved further. This is extremely necessary to ensure that our worldwide user base can access the platform in their native language. Over the period of time, we plan to add more languages.

Multi-Chain Launchpad Resumption

The PolkaBridge multi-chain launchpad was put on hold for maintenance and new upgrades. We are happy to announce that it’s back in operation from Feb 08. It supports 6 blockchains and we have started to receive requests for project listing on the launchpad. If your team is working on a project, which can benefit from crowd funding, please contact our business dev on Telegram: @TAN7SHQ

PolkaBridge Spanish Community Channel

With the aim of increasing our global footprint, we have launched a PolkaBridge Spanish community channel on Feb 09. There is a large Spanish community worldwide and this channel will assist them in discussing crypto and interact with each other in their native language. We welcome all Spanish speaking members to join us at https://t.co/j73xrH7NCZ

P2P Decentralized Exchange Quest Campaign

Since we are about to launch the PolkaBridge P2P exchange, we are also launching events and promotions to acclimate the community to this new product and also incentivize early usage. For this purpose, we launched a P2P DEX exchange quest campaign on Feb 10, where users can complete daily and weekly tasks while using the testnet v4 and earn rewards!

PolkaBridge AI Products

The Artifiial Intelligence (AI) got a big boost from the ChatGPT launch. PolkaBridge team is also considering adding AI features to our platform, which would include portfolio balancing, user trading, user experience, scalability and security. We will entrain AI to integrate with our products and improve the efficiency/adaptibility according to the user’s personal preference.

Support For More FIAT Currencies In Testnet

On Feb 20, we added support for 15 more FIAT currencies in our Testnet v4. These include AUD, CAD, THB, XOF, XAF, UZS, UYU, QAR, HKD, MXN, CZK, RON, SGD, MYR, NZD. We focus on adding more currencies so users from every corner of the world can simply start trading in their native unit of account and not have to worry about conversion rates.

About PolkaBridge✨

PolkaBridge is a decentralized all-in-one financial application platform. The PolkaBridge ecosystem includes Multi-Chain & Cross-Chain AMM, Farming, Staking, Lending, Launchpad, P2P Exchange, INO NFT, and more. All products will be developed with Polkadot in the center.

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