PolkaBridge (Freedom to Speech | Discuss & Earn )

How Will This Work?

  • Freedom Of Speech will be a 15 days event
  • Everyday our Admin will share a topic or maybe a phrase with the Community.
  • All you need to do, talk about that topic with other community members.
  • If, on any particular day, the topic is not shared, this implies that the topic from the previous day continues for that day.

Eligibility criteria to Participate

  • Once you receive the Day topic, you have to send 2 messages around that topic, then we will consider you as a participant in the event.
  • After that, your whole day active presence and discussion session about the topic will lead you towards Rewards.

Reward System

  • The total reward pool is 750 PBR.
  • Every other day, we will announce the name of the top 10 winners who will share 50 PBR (leader board).
  • Winners should Reach to our admin @polkajavier with Polygon address to claim the rewards.


  1. Flooding the group with messages will lead to disqualification.
  2. * Messages such as, Hi, Hello, Likes, Thank You, Formal Talks, etc., will not be included.
  3. Maintain the decorum of the group otherwise you will be disqualified.

Event Begins: 15 November, 11:30 am UTC

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