PolkaBridge Jan & Feb 2022 Update — An Insight Into Our Activities Lately

PolkaBridge Roadmap Q1 2022

We are still on track for the Q1 2022 roadmap and all set to launch new products soon. The party will start with our Multichain AMM (automated market maker) launching on Mar 07, which will start supporting Binance Smart Chain, Polygon and Moonbeam blockchains also. Down the line, we are also preparing for our innovative one-of-a-kind Initial NFT Offering (INO) platform, which will open the door for artists and dev teams to launch their collections to the public directly.

PolkaBride’s 6th and 7th PBR Token Burn

We are certain that you are aware of our monthly PBR token burning program, which decreases the total supply, puts deflationary pressure, and therefore increases the value of the PolkaBridge’s native token. The month of January and February 2022 was no different as we burned 1,000,000 PBR tokens in each month. These tokens were worth $600,000 in Jan 2022 and $450,000 in Feb 2022. At this point, the total supply of PBR is ~81 million tokens left only.

PolkaBridge Launchpad IDO

PolkaBridge offered a couple of promising Initial Decentralized Offering (IDO) in the first two months of 2022. These included AlphaDEX (an Innovative cross-chain layer 2 scaling on Moonriver + Ethereum + Kusama), Animal Concerts (interactive metaverse concerts streaming, artists empowerment and fan experiences project), CloudName (domain tokenization and trading service), and DeFiYield (multi-chain yield aggregator and asset management).

KuCoin 30 Days Passive Income Program

We have always strived to provide maximum value for our token holders and regularly run staking programs so our users can earn passive income. We ran one in collaboration with the KuCoin exchange starting from Jan18, for a period of 30 days, where users could lock their PBR tokens and earn 30% APR.

PolkaBridge Valentines Festival

New Partnerships

PolkaBridge is also proud to announce that we have partnered with SimpleSwap (a sign-up free user-friendly and reliable instant service for cryptocurrency and fiat-to-crypto exchanges) on Feb 10 and Luna-Pad (a peer to peer innovative Launchpad for Terra Luna ecosystem & Binance Smart Chain) on Feb 16.

Learn And Earn Program

Similar to Coinbase Earn, PolkaBridge also ran a learn and earn program where participants tried their luck in the community quiz between Feb 23 — Feb 28 to answer questions and earn prizes in cryptocurrencies. We believe that it’s necessary for the continued growth of our community and incentivizing learning behavior amongst our users.

PolkaBridge $10,000 Donation To Ukraine Fund

After the Russian unprovoked aggression on Ukraine, the government of Ukraine requested crypto donations via its official Twitter. PolkaBridge, responding to the call, donated $10,000 for the relief and freedom fund, which will aid Ukrainians in the resistance against the occupying forces and help rebuild their country once the war ends.

About PolkaBridge

PolkaBridge is a decentralized all-in-one financial application platform. The PolkaBridge ecosystem is expected to include multi-chain & cross-chain AMM, Farming, Lending, Fundraising platform (Launchpad), Prediction, NFT, and more. All products will be developed with Polkadot in the center.



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