PolkaBridge Launchpad Tutorial

3 min readApr 9, 2021

PolkaBridge is proud to announce that the long awaited Initial Decentralized Offering (IDO) Launchpad platform will be available from April 12 onwards. This marks an important evolution in the PolkaBridge project, which is all set to diversify into different DeFi functions. So far, the protocol has introduced the staking pools, deflationary farming and a new smart contract.

Now, we are all set to introduce the IDOLaunchpad! It will allow PBR token holders to participate in interesting concepts and high yielding crypto-projects in the early stage. This ensures high profit margins and a lucrative opportunity, which was previously available to only investors with high capital and resources.

In this guide, we will show you how to participate in these IDOs. The basic requirement is holding at least 5000 PBR tokens. So let’s begin! When you open the Launchpad platform, it will display a list of projects available for community investments. Check their details and click on the one that you wish to invest in.

Once you click on your desired project, it will show important information regarding your project. This includes but isn’t limited to launch date, tokens available for purchasing, minimum and maximum allocations, basic information about the project and the nature of the pool.

For instance, the public pools allow anyone to invest in them without any requirement of holding PBR tokens, the private pools are different and require that users hold PBR tokens. Check them carefully and proceed to the next step.

At this point, you can enter the amount of tokens to purchase by sending the corresponding value in Ether (ETH) tokens. Simply confirm the transaction in your MetaMask and send.

The interface will show the below message, if the tokens have been reserved for you. It confirms that these tokens are guaranteed to be released to you, at a later time or once the IDO has been concluded.

Once it’s distribution time, the interface will show that these tokens are ready to be claimed in this manner. Simply, initiate the transaction through MetaMask and confirm.

The harvest message and tokens arriving in your wallet marks the end of IDO participation.

PolkaBridge is continuing to deliver on it’s promises and this latest Launchpad offering proves exactly that. We believe that PBR token holders now have another utility and value accrual mechanism for the token. Plus, they have an opportunity to participate in promising projects, at an early stage and achieve significant ROIs.

Happy Investing!




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