PolkaBridge Mar 2022 Update

PolkaBridge has another yet another month of high developmental activity and we can’t wait to tell you all about it. We finally launched our AMM v2, deployed our revolutionary Initial NFT Offering (INO) platform, executed our 8th monthly PBR 1 million burn, partnered with Ancient Kingdom NFT project, got PBR integrated for hotel bookings in Nigeria etc.

We have also announced development of peer to peer (P2P) decentralized exchange, which will allow people to exchange crypto assets to FIAT and back. We will also discuss our future plans in this article as we go deeper into the second quarter of 2022, keep reading!

PolkaBridge AMMv2 Launch

PolkaBridge launched the second iteration of its automated market maker (AMM) on Mar 08. This is immensely important because our AMM is the cornerstone of our DeFi strategy. In this upgrade, we have provided the ability to add more user pools and provide liquidity, apart from the base PBR-ETH and ETH-USDT pools. Our current total value locked (TVL) figure is ~$289,000+

We have also enhanced the farming APY on both PBR-ETH and ETH-USDT pools. The interface has been modified into a sleek and clean look, hiding complexity and turning the user experience more friendly. Further, we are now offering better analytics with Graph API, resulting in a smooth and meaningful data delivery experience for the users! Also, we are working towards adding more chains apart from Ethereum in the future.

8th PBR Monthly Burn

PolkaBridge has a monthly burn program, where 1 million PBR tokens are burned per month. The March 2022 was no different as 1,000,000 PBR tokens worth $300,000 were burned in the 8th such burn. It’s a great way to reduce supply and return value to PBR holders. Now only 80M PBR tokens are remaining in circulation.

PolkaBridge Initial NFT Offering (INO) Platform Launch

PolkaBridge announced it’s revolutionary Initial NFT Offering (INO) a while back. It’s in its basic form — a launchpad for NFT projects with multiple enhancements. We wanted to allow our community to get direct access to limited edition NFTs with wide and fair distribution.

It will feature scarce limited edition NFTs, low minting fees, liquidity for artists and teams, interactive UI, development of future financial utility around NFTs and a transparent process to allow greater return on investment (ROI). PolkaBridge INO finally launched Mar 14 and we couldn’t be more excited!

PolkaBridge Partnership With Ancient KingDom

PolkaBridge also partnered with Ancient KingDom NFT project for their NFT loot boxes offering on our Initial NFT Offering (INO) platform, so our community can get early access to this up and coming first ancient martial arts game on the blockchain! We are working on joint collaboration also so both projects can benefit from each other’s expertise!

PolkaBridge Partners With HarmoneyLauncher

PolkaBridge wants to become a complete suit in DeFi/NFT world, not only for PolkaDot and Ethereum, but for other blockchains also. For this purpose, we have strategically partnered with the HarmoneyLauncher on Mar 31 — an initial decentralized offering (IDO) and initial game offering (IGO) plus automated market maker (AMM) platform, which functions on the Harmony blockchain.

Nomad Exiles IDO On PolkaBridge

We announced an IDO with Nomad Exiles — an upcoming blockchain based RPG game with NFTs and free to play mechanics on Mar 23 and it was held on Mar 26. Nomad Exiles successfully sold out in less than a hour. The salient part is that Nomad Exiles is already an established game with more than a million installations on mobile devices alrezdy. We are excited to see how it plays out on the blockchain!

PolkaBridge Introduces New Product — Decentralized P2P Exchange

PolkaBridge is also planning to launch a peer 2 peer (P2P) decentralized exchange, where users can simply exchange crypto-assets without having to rely on centralized exchanges and KYC procedures. This is our attempt in enhancing decentralization and giving users more choices to securely initiate/complete FIAT- crypto conversions. It’s still in concept stages, but we are expecting good progress on it in the coming months.

About PolkaBridge

PolkaBridge is a decentralized all-in-one financial application platform. The PolkaBridge ecosystem is expected to include multi-chain & cross-chain AMM, Farming, Lending, Fundraising platform (Launchpad), Prediction, NFT, and more. All products will be developed with Polkadot in the center.

❇️ Website: https://polkabridge.org

❇️ Twitter: https://twitter.com/realpolkabridge

❇️ Medium: https://medium.com/@polkabridge

❇️ Github: https://github.com/cyclese96

❇️ Telegram Channel https://t.me/polkabridge

❇️ Telegram Group https://t.me/polkabridgegroup

❇️ Discord https://discord.gg/G3NDrcq6GW

❇️ Coingecko https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/polkabridge

❇️ Coinmarketcap https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/polkabridge/




The first decentralized bridge between Polkadot platform and other blockchains

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The first decentralized bridge between Polkadot platform and other blockchains

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