Venue : @Crypto_Talkzs
Date : 10 May 2021
Time : 02:00 PM UTC

Special Guest: Cyclese (CEO- PolkaBridge)


Q1. Can you briefly describe what is PolkaBridge ? We would like to know more about it and how it works.

Cyclese | CEO & Co-Founder PolkaBridge (Never DM First):
PolkaBridge is a decentralized all-in-one financial application platform. The PolkaBridge ecosystem is expected to include cross-chain AMM, Farming, Lending, Fundraising platform (Launchpad), Prediction, NFT, and more. All products will be developed with Polkadot in center.

With PolkaBridge, you can swap tokens on DOT platform to tokens on other chains and vice versa. Users will be able to earn by adding liquidity, lending, farming and more other ways simply.

Q2. What are your main features that distinguish you from other projects and what competitive advantages do you have?

Cyclese | CEO & Co-Founder PolkaBridge (Never DM First):
The main feature I think PolkaBridge is the bridge that can help use swap and bridge token from others chain to PolkaDot.

Currently Polkadot Parachain has not officially mainnet so we have to wait.
Therefore, there is not yet any platform that has the ability to swap tokens from other blockchains to Polkadot.

We are confident that PolkaBridge can do that in the future.
This quarter, we will deploy the testnet on Moonbeam. MoonBeam is a parachain on PolkaDot, we will use MoonBeam to write smart contract on Polkadot.

In additional, we have implemented the Deflation model with PBR token. Therefore, the total supply of PBR will be decreased over time. It will bring more value for PBR token in the future.

I think this is our advantage over others

Q3. How has the experience and background of your team been effective in the success of your project so far?

Cyclese | CEO & Co-Founder PolkaBridge (Never DM First):
I’m Cyclese, from Singapore. I graduated from NUS with a fee bachelor’s degree in computer science.
Before I created PolkaBridge, I was a web and mobile developer with 5 years of experience in a blockchain company.I participated in investing cryptocurrency market in 2017, so I have so much experience in cryptocurrency investment and blockchain technology.

We have a very good and loyal staff. They come from many countries in the world, such as India, Colombia, Nigeria, Switzerland.

About my side, I believe I understand the market and investors very well, and I believe in my leadership

Q4. What are you looking most forward to doing in PolkaBridge?

Cyclese | CEO & Co-Founder PolkaBridge (Never DM First):
I am CEO at PolkaBridge and of course, everything I have done and will do, all for one goal is to bring value to Polkabridge and the community. My plan details:

1. Looking for more partners, cooperating in technology and marketing, connecting the community together. I think that is an important factor for a long-term project to develop.

2. Continue to lead and build a team of employees, on track with the committed roadmap.

As long as I remain, PolkaBridge is stronger, more powerful and indestructible

Q5. Could you please provide some progress on your Roadmap and what results PolkaBridge has achieved so far? And any sneak peek into 2021 plans for PolkaBridge?

Cyclese | CEO & Co-Founder PolkaBridge (Never DM First):
In Q1, we completed 100% of our goal. Our major achievement : Listed on PolkaProject, Listed on tier-2 exchange (Gate, MXC), Launched Deflationary Farming …

You can read our report at

In Q2, we launched Launchpad Platform and help Beyond do IDO with sold out in 30 second.
You can see our Launchpad platform at

The next step is we will launch staking PBR program on this month and run test net on MoonBeam. Of course, we will find many potential projects and conduct IDO on our Launchpad, bring value for investors and our community

The main focus in the remaining time is develop Multichain DEX and Cross-Chain DEX. It’s PolkaBrideg feature

📌Here below are links for you to get the latest updates about PolkaBridge

Telegram News Channel:


Q1. PolkaBridge is currently going well and is receiving positive attention. What will you do to get more exposure and adoption? What is the PolkaBridge message for the Community today?

Cyclese | CEO & Co-Founder PolkaBridge (Never DM First):
Thank you to the community for supporting and always being by our side during the past time

As a leader, I say that I will not let investors disappointed when investing in PolkaBridge.

Like i said, i will find more potential IDO projects to conduct on our launchpad platform
We will connect with more partners and will perform many marketing campaigns to attract new investors

My message: Keep support PolkaBridge. Be patient and put your faith in the real value of the project, the real value will come to you

Q2. In the next quarter of 2021 you plan to migrate $ PBR to the Polkadot Parachains Testnet, how will this benefit your users? Especially in relation to fees?

Cyclese | CEO & Co-Founder PolkaBridge (Never DM First):
Polkadot is a different blockchain with others, with large and potential ecosystem.

In terms of technology, it has more advantage features compared to Ethereum such as fast transaction speed, low fees and high scalability.

So that, we want to develop PolkaBridge on Polkadot.

We don’t aim to be a direct parachain, so that, we will build our services on top of an existing parachain, such as MoonBeam. But for now, it’s not disclosed. Please wait for our official announcement.

Q3. The total offer has a value of $ PBR is 100,000,000. Do you think that this high offer can have a negative impact on the price of the token?

Cyclese | CEO & Co-Founder PolkaBridge (Never DM First):
As i said, PBR token implements deflation mechanism

so that, the amount of tokens will decrease over time

as you see, the current max supply has been decreased from 100M to 88M

This will have a positive impact on future prices

Q4. What are the benefits and advantages for members who will have $PBR tokens and by the way PolkaBridge has a $PBR token staking?

Cyclese | CEO & Co-Founder PolkaBridge (Never DM First):
Currently, investors holding PBR can participate in farming to earn more PBR

and also , have a chance to get the whitelist for IDO

The more holdings, the more chance you have of joining Ido

Staking single PBR program will be released on this month. So please wait for our official announcement

Q5. How farming works in PolkaBridge and how can we farm it?

Cyclese | CEO & Co-Founder PolkaBridge (Never DM First):
At PolkaBridge, we have Deflationary Farming . It’s different with others faming program

You cannot earn too much tokens by farming because it depends on PBR’s transferring volume. But it doesn’t mean you cannot earn so much money. You earn a few tokens but deflationary mechanism will make tokens be rarer day by day, additionally, when our products have launched, PBR tokens’ value will be performed more clearly.

Farming tutorial:
Farm PBR here:


Q1. I want to ask what do you see as the main utility of the Polkabridge token today? In other words, what can shareholders do with it? In other projects, they can stake their tokens. What types of utilities will you see in the near future?

The main utility of PBR token
a. Rewards for farming: Like other Defi platforms, there will be many pools to farming. Liquidity providers will earn an amount of PBR corresponding to total amount of liquidity that he added.
b. Governance: PBR holders have the right to vote to change parameters, features and development roadmap of the PolkaBridge ecosystem in the future.
c. Lending fee: Using PBR as fee to borrow on PolkaBridge Lending, the user will receive a 50% discount, and the remaining 50% will be burned to optimize deflation mechanism.
d. Launchpad: To participate in future projects on PolkaBridge Launchpad, a user must hold a certain amount of PBR to get whitelist and join private pool
As i said, if you hold PBR, you can farm and stake to earn more PBR. And you hold more PBR than others, you will have chance to join IDO whitelist on PolkaBridge Launchpad

Q2. 🌈🌈 NFTs and Marketplaces are currently a major topic in most projects nowadays, could you tell me what PolkaBridge is planning to do in order to bring NFTs into the PolkaBridge Community? Can you tell me what developments or blueprints of Marketplaces you have designed so far? How will you promote NFTs globally and gain mass adoption?

Thank for the question.
Follow our roadmap, PolkaBridge will develop NFT gaming in Q3. We will develop decentralized NFT gaming and NFT marketplace. People can play game, build warrior characters, join battle and earn more PBR tokens

Q3. ✅ One way of getting more rewards is to Participate in IDOs of projects by holding $PBR Tokens. So in order to participate, is there any minimum or maximum amount of $PBR we need to hold?

You can read the rule here
Follow that, people hold more PBR than others, will have chance to be whitelisted . Of course, we don’t have guarantee allocation , it always FCFS.
In the future, when staking program release, people can stake their PBR token . The more stake, the more allocation they will have .

Q4. Polkabridge team has biggest access to PBR token (marketing, team, ecosystem) 70% from total supply. Would you explain the usage?

Follow our tokenomics, we will assign 30M token for Ecosystem and 20M tokens for Marketing.
All it locked and release every month.
Ecosystem fund will use for staking rewards, for liquidity and will burnt in the future
Marketing fund will use for marketing activities, exchange listing, employee salary and others activities related to expansion and development of the PolkaBridge

Q5. We agree to be whitelisted on IDO if we hold $PBR, the question is how will you filter projects that to be included on the launchpad? What are the qualities or characteristics of a certain project?

IDO projects are chosen through their strong fundamentals, the teams driving the project, their communities and the real world use cases going forward.
We want to bring value to investors, so it is our responsibility to select good projects, quality is more important than quantity.
As you see, our first IDO project is Beyond Finance. They are big project.
And the next is Zenchain, DragonBite, CryptoPunt…
They are also good project with big communities and innovation technology




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